Johnny Three Tears during the early days of Swan Songs.

Johnny's real name is George Ragan. He is currently married and an alcoholic.

Before "The Kids" and Hollywood UndeadEdit

Not much is known about George's past life, only that he used to be in a few other bands, one being Three Tears, which is where he got his current stage name. He was featured in the song "The Only Ones" by Kisses For Kings, rapping in the bridge of the song.

During The KidsEdit

Johnny, at the time, was known as "The Server". His mask was a simple hockey mask, with yellow tape crossing over his mouth and black paint dripping from is eyes. The yellow tape, at first, said "STEP BACK" and "TOO CLOSE". He eventually changed it to both strips saying "CAUTION."

He rapped in the song "Circles", featuring him and Aron (Deuce). He sang at the end of the song "The Natives", featuring all the band members, including Shady Jeff in the original version.